The second 10 years

The second 10 years: 2001 - 2010

2010, January 29 (2+7) CH Star't Cutting Trax Of Jhanzi x CH Oprah Gandamak

Champion Mighty Good Time, exported to Finland
Champion 'T Miner
Shading 'T Sun
True Lies
Swedish & Norwegian Champion Stay 'T Night
Champion Peace 'N Harmony
From Here To Heaven
Satisfied Mind
Far Away

2009, May 6 (2+1) Seistan's Freedom Fighter x Gold'n Copper Unchain My Heart 

Devils'N Dust
Champion Born To Run, exported to Austria
Champion She's The One

2009, April 30 (2+4) Gold'N Copper Cross My Heart x Gold'N Copper American Sweetheart

Power Of Love
Healing Power
Heart Of Mind
Vision Of You
You're My One

2008, May 7 (6+0) CH Seistan's Freedom Fighter x CH Gold'n Copper Heart'n Roses

Heart 'N Freedom
A Hymn To Freedom, exported to Finland
Champion Song Of Freedom, exported to Japan
Swedish Champion Freedom Exists 
Swedish Champion Fighting For Freedom
Champion Born In Freedom, exported to Malaysia

2007, February 18 (3+6) Aviva Coeur A Coeur x Altside Singin In The Rain

Isaac Heart Of Gem, exported to France
Finnish & Swedish Champion What's Going On, exported to Finland
Blue Medley
U Can't Have My Heart at Davashey, exported to UK
Heart Of A Stranger
Swedish Champion Heart Of The Matter
Out Of The Rain
So Good So Right

2006, June 25 (2+6) Gwich'In Goldncopper Drifter x Qamaris Sweet Deceit

Swedish Champion Hot As Hell
Hot Quarter Main
Finnish & Swedish Champion Hot Black Witch, exported to Finland
Finnish & Estonian Champion Hot Red Typhoon, exported to Finland
Swedish Champion Sahara Hot Nights, 
Hot Hot Hot
Hot Sweede
Canadian Champion Hot Gwich'In Illusion, exported to United States

2005, September 19 (3+5) CH Aviva Coeur A Coeur x CH Gold'n Copper American Sweetheart

Champion You Got Me Rocking, exported to Finland, 
Champion Jumpin' Jack Flash, 
Champion Paint It Black, exported to Russia, 
Champion Get Off My Cloud, 
Champion She's A Rainbow, 
Sweet Black Angel
Sweet Virginia
Champion Shine A Light, exported to Japan, 

2004, January 4 (6+4) CH Aviva Coeur A Coeur x CH Qamaris Sweet Deceit

Cross My Heart
Heart Of Stone
My Heart's Desire
Lion Heart
Heart Of Fire, exported to Finland
Heart In Motion
Champion Heart 'N Roses, 
Norwegian Champion Heart 'N Diamonds, exported to Norway, 
Norwegian Champion Straight From My Heart, exported to Norway, 
Swedish Champion Unchain My Heart, 

2003, June 20 (2+0) Qamari's Quadrille x Gold'n Copper Caribbean Blue

Kentucky Blues
Swedish Champion Blue Grass State, 

2002, September 16 (3+2) CH Gold'n Copper Rhythm'n Blues x CH Gold'n Copper For A Rainy Day

Days of Thunder
Day By Day
Make My Day
Doris Day

2002, April 13 (2+6) CH Gold'n Copper Blue Print x CH Qamaris Sweet Deceit

Sweet Victory Amarula
My Sweet Lord
Champion American Sweetheart, 
Sweet Chili Pepper, exported to UK
My Sweet Gizelle, exported to Finland
Sweet Angel, exported to Finland
Korean Champion Sweet Melody, exported to Korea, 
Swedish Champion Sweet Dreams, 

2001, August 27 (2+2) Qamari's Quadrille x Gold'n Copper Wind'n Satin

Man Of Colour
Join The Colours
Racing Colours
Show Your Colours At Herat, exported to UK

2001, February 5 (2+6) Gold'n Copper Raining Cats And Dogs x Gold'n Copper Caribbean Blue

Cat's Whisters
Catch Cats
Cat Walk
Cat Woman, exported to Finland
Swedish Lure Coursing Champion Magnificat,