The first 10 years

The first 10 years: 1990 - 2000

2000, May 23 (4+4) Araki Ghostbuster At Altside x Gold'n Copper Devlish Bitch

Summertime Blues
Summer In The City
Sunset Beach
Sun Flowers
Champion Sunny Side, exported to Russia, 
Here Comes The Sun
Sun Tan, exported to Finland

2000, January 25 (4+2) CH A'Rosafan Bluetime Print x CH Gold'n Copper Have An Ice Day

Black 'N White Blues
Champion Welcome Mr Blue, 
Blue Suede Shoes
Blues For U
I'm Blue Da Ba Dee, exported to Austria
Swedish Champion Blue Ice, 

1999, May 16 (7+2) CH Araki Ghostbuster At Altside x CH Gold'n Copper Caribbean Blue

Over 'N Over
Swedish & Norwegian Lure Coursing Champion My Way, 
Got You Under My Skin
Fly Me To The Moon
LA Is My Lady, exported to Norway
Strangers In The Night
Witch Craft
Champion Night 'N Day At Herat, exported to UK, 

1998, December 8 (4+3) CH Qamari's Rainbow Rider x CH Qality-Byaust

Champion Raining Cats And Dogs, 
Take The VIII Rain
Technicolour Raincoat
Rainbow Warrior
Champion Purple Rain At Altside, exported to UK
For A Rainy Day, exported to Finland
Rainbow Reflection, exported to Germany

 1998, September 17 (5+1) Gold'N Copper Nothing To Lose x Gold'N Copper Who's That Girl

Champion The Macallan, 
The Macduff
Mackinlay's At Altside, exported to UK
Mortos Blended
Morrison's Legend, exported to Norway
Maximum Taste, exported to Norway

1997, October 25 (1+0) Gengala Double Dealer x Gold'N Copper Who's That Girl

Champion Who's Deal Is It, exported to Russia, 

1997, October 18 CH Gold'n Copper Rhythm'n Blues x CH Qality-Byaust

Earth Wind And Fire
Flying Wind
Spirit Of The Winds, exported to Russia
From The Four Winds
Gone With The Wind, exported to Finland
Candle In The Wind
Champion Catch The Wind At Araki, exported to UK, 
Against The Wind, exported to Portugal
Champion Wind 'N Satin, 

1996, September 6 CH Gold'n Copper Blue Print x CH Qality-Byaust

Champion Power Play, 
Champion Rookie Of The Year,
Champion Sudden Death, 
Champion Demolition Man, 
Icy Spicy
Only Ice For U, Junior Courser, exported to United States
Champion Ice 'N Easy, exported to United States, 
Champion Have An Ice Day, 
Ice Ice Baby

1996, April 2 CH Aboukir High Priority x Gold'n Copper Midnight Sun

Finnish Champion Once Upon A Time, exported to Finland, 
One More Time, exported to Germany

1995, May 11 New Fashion Master Mind x Xenopho Midnight Blue

Symphaty For The Devil
Talk Of The Devil
Mink DeVil
She Devil
Devlish Bitch
Devish Blue

1995, May 7 (4+2) Gold'N Copper Blue Print x Gold'N Copper Who's That Girl

Champion Rhythmn'N Blues, 
Electric Blue
Still Got The Blues
Swedish Champion Midnight Blues, 
Blush N Blue
Champion Caribbean Blue, 

1994, July 12 (2+4) Gengala Been There x Gengala Back To The Future

Back In Time
Turn Back Time
Show Time
Just'N Time
Time Has Come, exported to Finland
As Time Goes By

1994, March 17 CH Dance With A Stranger x CH Qality-Byaust

Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Champion Nothing To Lose, exported to Norway, 
Nobody's Perfect, exported to Norway
Next Dance
No Pain No Gain
Champion New York Ice T, exported to Norway, 
Champion Next Stop Norway, exported to Norway, 
Nordic Light
No Mistake

 1993, January 31 Qamari's Rainbow Rider x Xenopho Midnight Blue

INT Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish Champion Blue Print, 
Blue Rider
Blue Velvet
Blue Zooty

1992, August 24 CH Enroh Quom Inxs x Gengala Back Tothefuture

Wild Son of INXS
Walk Over with INXS
White Revolution
Watch Out For Me
Swedish Champion What About INXS,
Swedish & Finnish Champion Who's That Girl, 

1992, January 21 Choice Cosmic Copper x Jagannatha's Hoppetossa

Go Yo Get It
Guns 'N Roses
Give Me A Choice
Gentleman For me
Give Me Some Love
Give Me A Chance

1991, September 22 Gengala Double Dealer x Xenopho Midnight Blue

Midnight Export, exported to Finland
Midnight Illusion
Norwegian & Swedish Champion Midnight Sun, 
Midnight Mistress
Midnight Pole Star
Midnight Magic
Midnight Bewitch


1990, November 7 (3+4) Gengala Double Dealer x Sayyad's New Sekret
Diesel And Dust
Dangerous Dingo
Dibs N Dice
Double O Soul
Dawn At New Fashion
Devil May Care
Daddy's Girl

1990, February 24 (0+5) Choice Cosmic Copper x Jagannatha's Drak Ulla
Take Off
Teeny Bopper
Top Of The Bottle
Twisted Sister
Tootsie Wootsie