Choice Cosmic Copper, Finland
Choice Now Or Never, Finland
Gengala Double Dealer, Australia
Gengala Back Tothefuture, Australia, imported together with kennel New Fashion
Enroh Quom INXS, Australia, imported by kennel Jildirim
Xenopho Midnight Blue, Australia, imported together with kennel New Fashion
Araki Ghostbuster At Altside, UK
A'rosafan Bluetime Print, Finland
Gwich'In Goldncopper Drifter, USA
Qamari's Sweet Deceit, USA
Qamari's Quadrille, USA
Altside Singing In The Rain, UK
Aviva Coeur A Coeur, Australia
Oprah Gandamak, Slovakia
Raffica's Dance Of A Thousand Veils, USA
Shou Gerat Going To Gold'N Copper, Russia
Karagez Deja Vu For Gold'N Copper, Russia
Agha Djari's Just Gold'N Copper, Germany